Strong by Zumba, and then a YouTube fitness video, done twice.

No treadmill or Zumba for me today.  Hooray!  Instead of Body Combat, they had Strong by Zumba.  This workout was designed by Zumba, but there is NO dancing, just strong moves.

I did all of the standing exercises, and had to improvise when it came to my right knee.  However I did extra boxing, when the others were on their mats, and really got my heart rate up.  I then did the cool down with them, which meant that I had completed the whole class.

Afterward I bounced on the upside down Bosu for 20 minutes, and did 1.33 miles, and used up 82 calories.

After coming home, having a protein shake, with added nuts, banana, sea salt, and hemp oil, I went to the pharmacy for hubbies prescription  Then it was back home, and I found this YouTube video that I did yesterday, and did an extra minute of squats, and holding.

I feel so good that I went through this 4 minute ab workout twice.  I didn’t get down on the floor, but did a minute following the squats and hold, and a minute of the total body extension, and just repeated it.  As soon as it had finished I did it again.

Now to watch The F.A. Cup match of Derby against Manchester United, and get my breath back.

I am so happy at my achievement today, as I was starting to get depressed not boxing, or lifting.

4-Minute NO-Equipment Belly Fat Destroyer Circuit.  It has had over 5 million views.



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