I take back everything I said yesterday about improvement.

Like last Saturday we went to the gym early, because of the Premier League Football matches.  When I arrive the first thing I do is ask for the remote,  I then ask all the people on the treadmill if they are watching each screen.

One guy will never let me change one of the two big ones, even though he is not directly in front of it.  He points to the one that has a machine under it.  I hate doing this one as I have to hold the remote directly below it, and shield the other ones, so that they don’t change.

My heel catches the machine, and I go down on my left side.  I get up, and seem okay, so walk on the treadmill.  Then it starts to swell up, and the pain starts.  I look around for hubby, and he is nowhere to be seen.  Much latter he comes out of the bathroom, and wants to go home immediately.

20200307_132630 (1)

I didn’t mention my wrist until I drove him home.  I then told him that I was heading back to the urgent care walk in, opposite the gym.

It isn’t broken, but Monday when they check it at the imaging center, I will know if it has a fracture.  I also have to see an orthopedic specialist as soon as possible.

I am typing 1 fingered. so I will continue later.  I apologize for any mistakes, and let you know that I won’t be leaving any comments, when reading your posts.

Just got a phone call.  it’s fractured.










  1. Oh No!! I’m so very sorry! Ouch!! Hang in there and rest which will be difficult as you are such a doer and like to keep moving. Oh man, I know you have read about my broken arm and I needed surgery for plates it was a really bad break from a fall. AND we totally understand not responding since typing is difficult! Hang in there Susie! ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️


  2. I’m so sorry to read this but I have a feeling that while this might slow you down it’s not going to stop you (from much). Praying it heals quickly. Take care.


  3. Oh Susie, ouch, it looks so painful.
    I’ve had a fractured wrist, many years back, so I know the pain and the inconvenience involved.
    Sending lots of well wishes…


  4. Bummer! I wish you prompt care with the orthopod and a good recovery! And next time give that tv monitor hog a piece of your mind. Actually ask HIM to change the channels for you.


  5. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery my friend. That’s the last thing you needed with all you have to do. 🙏❤️


  6. OH NO! You might have to lay off the boxing for a while! At least you have plenty of other fitness activities to fall back on! I hope it heals fast.


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