Chelsea 4 – Everton 0. Manchester United 2 – City 0.

I was really happy with the first match today,  It stated a 9 a,m, kick off on my app, but England didn’t spring forward yesterday, so I had to wait an extra hour for it.  We watched the first half an home, and then I drove us down to the gym.  Hubby loves his routine.

We got down there just after 11. and I got hubby’s coffee first, and then went back for mine.  I went on the treadmill so that I could watch the second half of the Chelsea game.  They were already up 2 – 0.  One of my ladies that does Zumba, and comes to my boxing class joined me on the next treadmill.  We chatted, while Chelsea scored 2 more goals, and I walked slowly at 2 mph.

We left at 12.15 so that we could be home for the Manchester derby.  I had a protein bar for lunch, as I would have found it difficult to make my protein shake.

20200308_142256 (1)

Even though Manchester City had 73% of the play, United scored in the 30th minute, and a fluke one in the 97th minute.

United are now in 5th place, but have played one extra game than Sheffield United, and Arsenal.

I am taking it as easy as I can, but still need to make sure hubby is okay.

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