Went to bed an hour early so I wouldn’t loose sleep.

I slept all night long, and daylight savings didn’t affect me,  I put my left arm on a pillar and it worked great.

The only things I can’t do is brush my dentures, put my hair up, slice my banana, and put my bra on so far,  Otherwise feeling okay.


  1. I,hear ya lady! Surprisingly I don’t feel it bothered me either. I did wake up later but I got home later too last night. Funny story: my fiance and I went hiking on a new trail and ended up going on it until it was dark not realizing how long it was. We ended up having to turn around and when checking the gps, we had an hour to get back to the cars. It was a crazy experience but we got out ok haha. Had to share this funny experience ! Glad the time change didn’t bother you !


  2. We’ll be back to ‘normal’ time here in Australia at the end of the month. I really don’t mind either way.
    Take care of that arm.. It sure is such a pain; in more ways than one!


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