Still no closer to an appointment with a specialist.

After spending an hour this morning making phone calls, no one got back to me.  I figured at 4 p.m. I had given them plenty of time.  So I phoned my G.P.’s office again.

There are 2 receptionists there, and I asked if she was the one I had spoken to.  She replied, that I should have made the appointment, and given them the information.  I told her that I had made a second phone call to them.  She had me hold, and then say that it had been noted on my chart.

She asked me to hold while she double checked to ensure a fax hadn’t come back from them.  It hadn’t, so on hold again while she phoned them.  They had already closed for the day, so she left a message.

She said that she is off tomorrow, so would leave a note for it to be followed up.

Even though I am taking an antiflammatory my knuckles are so swollen now.  I am keeping my wrist elevated as much as possible.

20200309_165023 (1)

Lets see what tomorrow brings.


  1. having been away, I was really concerned when I read your latest post and immediately began searching for the beginning of the story. The swollen knuckles caught my eye so
    I’m beginning here. Reading on to learn more.

    Liked by 1 person

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