The only thing I can’t do is chop up frozen bananas with the skin on.

Since fracturing my wrist on Saturday, the only thing I have had hubby do for me is cut up frozen bananas.  When they start to get over rip I freeze them, and they are so creamy after being frozen. I am having protein bars, instead of protein shakes, as they need 2 hands.  also fat free cottage cheese, and Greek yogurts.

I have been able to wash myself, put loose clothing on, put frozen dinners in the microwave, and even get a scrunchy in my hair,

I have just been walking on the treadmill every morning, but today I did squats, body extensions with one hand, one handed lifting, and finished up on the treadmill.

It’s amazing what we can achieve when we have to.


  1. You go girl!! It’s great to see that SMILE of yours even with all that you have to deal with. I’m glad your hubby can help a little bit and I’m amazed you could get that scrunchy in your hair! 😉❤️

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  2. Oh, yes, so many would have just given up by now! I think you deserve a lot of credit and am hoping you can see that, for you are such an inspiration to us all, Dear! Sending you healing energy and the very best of wishes for a speedy recovery. 💞


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