How are minimum wage workers going to manage?

I have been seeing on the television about people staying home, because of the Coronavirus, or being asked to stay at home.

This made me think of when we owned our family restaurant.  We paid the cooks well, but servers, at that time where only getting $2.19 an hour + tips.  If they stayed at home they wouldn’t get wages, and even if they came to work, how many people would come to eat out.

We have a little independent coffee shop close by, and this morning there was only 1 vehicle outside.  That was probably the owner’s car.  I can obviously understand why, but it’s sad to see.

Everyone is hurting in one way or another, whether it’s the stock market, trying to get  flights home , or not going on vacation.

The precautions needed to be put in place, but my heart goes out to so many people.


  1. Even with the countries that have already pledged to compensate such workers the paperwork is going to be mind-numbingly inefficient and take forever. This is a wake-up call for so many people on so many levels.


  2. I was discussing this with my peers. I feel so terrible for them and for anyone who is working and have kids too. People are discussing about shutting down schools


  3. My daughter doesn’t work as she is a full time caregiver to her youngest one. My son in law is being asked to take unpaid leave, and my eldest granddaughter was walting to get a graduate job. Went for the interview, and would have been offered it, if this virus hadn’t stopped them hiring. England hasn’t said anything about helping financially.


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