I am cancelling all non urgent appointments.

This afternoon I went through our long list of appointments, and postponed both our eye exams on Thursday.  They always have a 2 hour wait, and the place is heaving with people.  The lady seemed surprised, as she said that they have had few cancellations.  I told her that my husband has 5 chronic illnesses, and cannot be seated in a busy waiting room.  We now have them for the end of May.

I had booked a massage for Friday, and I had 2 reasons for cancelling.  Firstly my cast on my left wrist, and secondly we assume that the linens are changed in between each massage, and hands are scrubbed, but how do we know.

I cannot be sick, as there would be no one to take care of my husband, or me.



  1. My mom had the same dilemma… My dad, nephew and his mother all depending on my mom. She hurt her back once and everything fell apart…


  2. Good for you. I don’t blame you at all. I’m surprised the doc’s office hasn’t come up with some way to keep people separate. Perhaps don’t let them inside until they are called for their appointment? It’s not like it’s freezing temps in Florida. And who knows if the doc’s office is sanitized after each patient? If they’re that busy, I’m going to guess not.


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