Ruby Tuesday have a safe environment for eating in.

I had an email for B.O.G.O.F entree today.  So I phoned to see if it was take out, free delivery, or were they open for business.  They were open.

We decided to go at 3 p.m. when the restaurant is at it quietest.  The parking lot was almost empty.  We were greeted by a Manager, and she went through the safety regulations for both staff, and guests.  We agreed, and had to sit away from other diners.  We were the only ones in a booth, in the bar area.

We didn’t need menus as we always get the same.  I ordered, and was told that the server would get my food from the salad bar.  I walked with her, and she got a plate that wasn’t on show, and I told her what I wanted.  She then put in on our table.

Dinner came, and hubby ate half of his.  I had just finished the salad, when I saw it was shift change.  I asked our server if she could get me some fruit, and cottage cheese, which she did.  I then put down an extras large cash tip for her.  She said it was not necessary, but I told her how much we appreciated her being there, and doing everything for our safety.

I boxed the rest of hubby’s meal, and my full one, paid the bill, and left without touching a door.

What a wonderful experience.


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