Sending love to everyone.

We decided not to watch the news this morning, but of course the Today show was questions and answers about you know what.  Depression can so easily set in, so I want to send you all:







  1. Thank you!! I’ve stopped watching the news because I was starting to fall into the panic they’re trying to cause. I’m just staying home and away from everyone.

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  2. *Slowly backs away from the news on TV…* You are so right about the depression. News causes me a ton of unnecessary anxiety. If we follow the rules and self-isolate, we will be OK. Stay healthy and keep living your life as normally as you can. 🧘‍♀️🌱

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  3. My husband hogs the main TV so I feel your pain. Usually I end up using my laptop in a different room. He also likes to blast the TV and I’m always telling him to turn down the volume.

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  4. Hey! Great Foto! Thank you. Very important to turn off the television. I’m in Spain (Barcelona). They’re a little slow on the up-take here. Really hope we learn something from all of this. Take care.

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