There were around 20 people at the gym today.

This is a huge gym, which means you don’t have to get near anyone else.  Hubby’s doctor only wants him to walk around the perimeter of the gym, as it is completely flat.  So now there are no more classes, we still went there.

I am not doing boxing at Top Brother, so my ladies asked me what they could do.  I told them that I would be at the gym each morning, and if they wanted to bring their boxing gloves I would remind them of each move.  One lady came today, and is coming again on Friday, and another one tomorrow.  I was stretching, squats, running on the spot, and a bunch of other stuff.

If they stayed at home, they wouldn’t be exercising, and then there resistance would be down.

We wash our hands when we arrive.  We wipe everything down with disinfectant.  Wash our hands before we leave.  Open the door with my bum, and go down the slope, so hubby doesn’t have to touch any railings.

We are never close to anyone.  This works for hubby, my ladies, and myself.  Relieves anxiety, stress, and depression.


  1. Most excellent. I hope they stay open for those that need to get out of the house. Looks huge from the photos so it should be safe enough with all your precautions!!

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