Old lady with cast and sling shopping.

Yes. this old lady went shopping this afternoon, and went to the Dollar Tree.  Here I bought 3 California mix frozen vegetables, and sugar free candy for hubby.  I would usually buy 5, but as they have been out of stock for awhile, I took only what I needed.  I can’t chop veggies right now, that’s why I have to go with what works for me.

I tied the bag, and then went next door to Winn Dixie, where I wiped a cart with the paper and spray they provided, and put my tied bag into it.

A lady was coming out of the bakery with 6 sticks of freshly baked bread.  I was in heaven for hubby.  I took one.  I then looked for boxes of their croissants they bake on the premises.  Usually I buy 2, and freeze one.  Today I only bought 1.

I then went to the checkout, and the young lad was waiting for me to remove my frequent shopper card from my key chain on my purse,  I looked at him, and he finally said it would be easier for me to zap it with the handheld one.  (light bulb went on).  I had my credit card, and wallet in my hand that works.

I pushed the cart out into the parking lot with one hand, and it kept going it’s own way.  When I got to my car, two guys around 20 – 25 offered their assistance.  One had dreadlocks, and you might say that they looked a little scary, but they went out of their way to take my cart back.  People you would expect to help, have let the door close in my face, and just ignored my difficulties.

Yes, the most unexpected people are the ones that offer kindness.  They won’t see this, but I really did appreciate their kindness.

Photo: https://pixabay.com/photos/


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