Florida, like other states will be a ghost town.

Beaches in Pinellas county, that’s Clearway, Treasure Island, and St. Petersburg area have all been closed.  Also eat in restaurants, take out, and delivery still available, gyms, libraries, bars, nightclubs, and pretty much anywhere you can go.

I am going to take a walk to our small clubhouse, and see if that is still open.  If it is, hubby and I can go down there tomorrow, and he can walk around it 20 times, yes I said small.  We gave them some exercise equipment, so hopefully there is still a stationary bicycle that hubby could go on.

I am finding lots of new YouTube videos for me to workout to.  Already done 2 of the ab ones, and a new arm one.

Just come back from the clubhouse, and it’s open.  No exercise equipment, but the table tennis/ping pong table is there.  Hubby can stand still, and I can run around.  Yea, made me happy.

What are you up to?


  1. Just back from Vancouver after a 2 day drive and cleaning everything we brought back into our homes, as well as all groceries we just bought. This is a long process, but one never knows which steps will save them from getting the virus. Self isolating for the next 14 days at least. Still going out for walks if we can and will be back into our regular exercise routine tomorrow. Stay well Susie and hubby. Allan

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  2. I’ve not been to a gym, Susie, for a number of years. I also haven’t been exercising very much the last few months.
    I have a rowing machine and a stepper plus hand weights at home. Then there’s dancing around the house, which I love!
    I do feel I’ll be back to my normal exercise routine soon (just lying low at the moment).
    Keep well. Hope that you and hubby, like us all, get through this period intact with, perhaps, a little more wisdom up our sleeves… 😉 😉

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  3. Luckily our apartment is in lovely grounds which we can run around, we’ve been following workouts and yoga from youtube and riding on our indoor trainers which we’ve put on the terrace.


  4. I took a week off of my exercise routine mainly because I don’t get up to get the kids ready for school right now and I’ve been sleeping. in. Not on purpose, but I don’t wake up on my own that early and it has felt good to sleep in. 🙂 I’m planning on getting back into the swing of things next week again. 🙂 Stay safe and healthy.


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