The World has been turned upside down.

Isn’t this how we are all feeling now.  I know that if how we feel.  So lucky that the gym is still open, as it gives hubby a constant in his life.  There is no one to talk to, but it’s what we do.

I go shopping on my own, and apart from Dollar Tree, where there were lines, and it was out of my control, I am doing my upmost to stay totally away from other people.

We are home the rest of the time, and one good thing is, that even with my wrist in a cast, I am getting back to leaving comments on WordPress.  It’s still slow as my wrist is totally immobilized, but I have time on my hands.

I can’t clean, or re=organize like others are doing.

Photo: Pixabay



  1. No doubt, all is crazy. I hope people calm down soon and listen to the science, so they can stay well. We managed to get home last night after driving 1200 km (750 miles) back from Vancouver. Once I get the rental car back this AM, we go in search of groceries and then hunker down. Stay well Susie. Allan

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  2. We are all feeling overwhelmed. I’m trying to just take it one day at a time and not to think about it constantly. Don’t worry about cleaning and reorganising. Take it easy as it’s a very stressful time ❤️

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  3. You’re right there, Susie, the world has turned upside-down. This evening, Boris announced he was shutting down all cafes, pubs, theatres and gyms in the UK. Who knows what will happen next but thank goodness we can support each other online. Hoping your gym stays open. 🤗

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  4. Except for food and meds pickup we are staying in. I’ve been trying to order online at Publix but their website seems to be overwhelmed. Am trying to arrange a pick up order at Sam’s Club but no dates are available.


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