An alternative to the gym. Part 2

Anyone for table tennis? Yes, we have played at our clubhouse many times, but rarely since spending hours at the gym. With everything shut down, we pulled up outside our clubhouse, to see lots of people in, and around the pool. I was very surprised to see this area open, as more than 10 can congregate in this area. Plus the bare feet, and the holding on to railing. Not for me.

We went into the game area, and played table tennis for 30 minutes, and it was so much fun, as the lights for when it’s a pool table, joined in with us. There was lots of laughter, and it relieved our stress.

We put everything back, switched off the lights, and then used a sanitizer on our hands. I then opened the door with my bottom so we didn’t touch anything. We then had a slow short walk, to help hubby’s balance.

Planning on doing this every day it is open.

I also did a 15 minutes ab workout this morning, and am planning at least 2 more today.

This should have been part of my previous post, but glitches are really haunting me today.


  1. Our gym is still open although they’ve cancelled all classes. The tremendous lack of uniformity in closure rules from one location to another is the crack in our defense barrier against Coronavirus. Stay well.

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