Anyone having glitches on WordPress?

I have been using my phone most of the time for WordPress, as the cast cuts into my wrist when I try on my laptop.

So last night I wanted to check some bank details, which I only keep on my laptop, and had a few minutes here. I read some posts, and when I tried to click on the like button, it brought up a blank pop up, that went away, and no ‘like’. I wanted to check this morning, and it is still happening.

Thankfully I can ‘like’ on my phone. Any ideas before I contact support.

Went to upload a photo, and it said ‘failed’, and when I tried to publish that failed too.


  1. For some reason I’m no longer receiving emails when people like, follow or leave a comment. I get the usual notifications but no emails – I checked my settings and everything’s still the same so I’m not sure what’s going on.


  2. The blank pop up has been occurring for me for several weeks. I’ve gotten around that on websites that I get posts from my WP Reader by clicking on the ‘like’ there. But any websites I don’t follow but occasionally get to via someone else’s post it’s a 50/50 guess as to why some register a like and others don’t. Also, I’ve had several of my own followers say they don’t get the email notifications any longer – that just happened. So let us know what you find out from ‘support’, please.


  3. I also experience the same thing when I wanted to hit “like” for posts. A blank screen came up in the top left corner, and I just could not like….I had to then go to my phone and look for the post in order to “like” it.


  4. 🙂 Susie, I had the same issue.

    After being highly annoyed with not being allowed to press the “Like” button, I installed another web browser and I was able to pick up where I left off.

    The issue was with my Google Chrome browser and not WordPress.

    Resetting Google Chrome brought things back to normal.

    Also, it is always a good idea to have more than one web browser on your laptop computer.

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  5. Yes, I have the same problem trying to “Like” Blogposts. My solution has been to click Like in the box under the post in the WordPress Reader. Regrettably, however, that doesn’t work if it is a forwarded post from another Blogger. (I like to also give credit to the original post.) My problem began after I changed browsers, so I don’t think it is a WordPress issue. I would take Renard’s advice and have more than one web browser. He is such a good little “Techie” and so in tune with such things! (Thanks, Renard! As a Tech-challenged oldster, your advice is both respected and valued!)

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  6. Similar problems, but for longer than the last few weeks. I’m another “Tech-challenged oldster,” but even more so than most, so I’m mostly at a loss as to solving the problem (although I’ve managed to get around it in some cases).

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  7. I only use WordPress on my PC and in March I had several issues after WordPress made some updates to their interface and created The new Home page view with Quick Links.

    In my case the problem was suddenly people could only view the last 9 posts on any on 4 blogs which all use the same theme Cubic. I tried to get help from one of their gurus but whilst he was most polite in the end my wife found the solution via google.

    I have used WordPress 5 years and recently learnt that the people who created the Cubic theme have stopped updating it…… so sooner or later as WordPress updates I will have to make a choice about changing my theme, which I am loath to do or leave WordPress, unless I find another solution. I’ve often thought of upgrading my WordPress but I need some answers before I do that.


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