3 different stores before I found milk

I have not bought toilet rolls, paper towels, bleach, etc., and only picked up half a dozen items I have needed, since this pandemic started.

We were down to one third of a gallon of milk, so went to Save-a-lot.  They were completely out of milk, until tomorrow.  I called in Walgreens, same scenario#.  Third stop was Winn Dixie.

The only milk left, and around a total of 12, were the half gallons of full milk.  I bought 2 for a total of $5.  The price I have been paying for a full gallon has only been between $2.21, and $2.49.  What a pain in the arse, but we can’t be without it, as it is my main source of calcium.  The doctor does not want me to take supplements, and I always get fat free/skimmed.

I must thing myself lucky to get this.  I just wish people didn’t hoard.


  1. I ordered online for some things, haven’t received them yet. I wanted parchment paper and Saran Wrap but no luck at all. What’s up with that? I did find skim milk which is my preference also. I ordered some frozen fish and salmon steaks, and my bad, a package of Magnum mini bars, just one🙄😎😄

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  2. Here, the normal price for milk is $4.50 CAD. I wish milk was $2.49 per gallon! If you have a Costco membership, I suggest going there for essential items. Toilet paper is back in stock and they’ve put a limit on how much each customer can buy at a time, which helps a lot.

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  3. I hear you Susie! I am trying to spread out my journeys to the grocery store. I had to go without about a half dozen items last week so am hoping to catch up a bit in a day or so. Ohio is closing all nonessential businesses as of midnight tonight.

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