The Coronavirus can bring families together.

I don’t get to phone my family much in England, as my daughter is the caregiver to my youngest granddaughter,  She is high on the Autism Spectrum, with severe learning disabilities.  With almost everything closed down there, they are home,

I got to spend a lovely hour talking to my daughter, and both granddaughters.  This rarely happens.  I will be doing this weekly until things improve,

My eldest granddaughter can’t see her boyfriend, of many years, as he is not part of their household.

Praying for everyone.


  1. Unless you’re in California. My sister-in-law says she’s not allowed to have more than 10 people at her home and this includes family.


  2. I am so glad you got to talk to them. we talked to our son in London today. Also we are talking to our Grandson who lives two hours away on Messenger Kids. He is so cute and funny. Stay well Susie.

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  3. How wonderful that you got to spend such quality time with your family! 😀 … It sucks that it’s taken a plague to get so many people to realise this, but that’s humans for you. 🙂

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