Did my first Facebook video chat with my brother, and his wife.

Usually we Skype, but I was on the patio, and messaged my sister-in-law to see what time she wanted to do it.  She came back ‘Now’, so she set it up her end.  It was on my phone, and the picture quality was amazing.  Better than Skype.

A couple of times I must have touched the front of my phone, as it went to my husband sitting opposite me.  Then just before the end, my sister-in-law asked if I was wearing 2 pairs of glasses.  I thought how strange.  She said that they were big, and had stars on them.  I must have clicked on the ‘effects’ without knowing.  I couldn’t see it, as it was on my phone, and outside.

Did we laugh.  For any English out there, she said I looked like Deirdre, who used to Ken’s wife, in Coronation Street,

That’s 2 things to make me laugh today.


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