Who hasn’t heard of social distancing!

I have been food shopping this afternoon, and in one store I was at the checkout, 2 carts behind the guy paying.  The correct space being left. When he had finished I went up to the cash area, and the guy aged around 50 walked up too.  I asked him to stay back 6 feet.  He said ‘We gotta die sometime’, and did move back for me,  The cashier smiled at me, and disinfected the credit card machine, and all the area I would touch.

I did say loud enough for him to hear, that I am the caregiver to my 86 year old husband with 5 chronic illnesses.  Again the guy piped up with ‘I would be happy to die at 86’.

There are plenty of morons out there.

Photo credit: Pixabay.


  1. If he is ready to die, that is fine, but leave the choice to everyone else, rather than taking it away. Hard to believe so many people young and old can be so flippant about this disease and others. I guess that is why they call it “Thinning of the Herd”. Stay safe and socially distant susie. Allan

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  2. Was at the convenience store last night. They had taped where 6′ was from the counter. It’s a small enough store, another 6′ would be an employee only area. It is mostly not too crowded when I am there. Helps I go after midnight most times.

    My closest semi-large chain is Dollar General and it’s rarely crowded as most people with vehicles go to the nearby bigger Walmart.


  3. Yes, there are. My husband and I did a pick up order at Walmart and they just brought what we had ordered out to the car. No waiting and no morons with a death wish.


  4. Good on you for speaking up and keeping your cool … I would’ve been very tempted to snap back, ‘How about two weeks from the next time you get too close to someone, you jerk!’


  5. I’m sorry this happened to you Susie, it is very distressing behaviour! Attention seeking takes many forms. Stay strong and bless his lack of respect with your capability and inner peace! You are a role model with great power and influence! Le grà, Marie xx


  6. COVID-19 seem to have the remarkable ability to expose jerks for what they are.
    Taking risks with ones own life and health is one thing. Taking liberties with mine is quite another. Good for you, taking care of yourself and your loved ones.

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  7. Good for you Susie. I notice the same type of “pushy” attitude here. At the Safeway stores I visit they have arrows on the floor for one way travel down the aisles and foot prints showing the customer where t stand as they approach the check out stand. Alas many fellow shoppers are totally twits and get insulted when you tell them the way things are going. Take care. Be safe. Stand your ground Susie. 🙂

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