My new ‘flexible’ cast.

It is still a hard cast, that gets molded to your arm, wrist, and hand.

The employees were amazing.  I went in at 5 after 8. and had xrays taken in the original cast.  Then the cast was removed.  I then went to another room, where they got an x small cast for me.  Put it in a machine that heated it.  Then 2 of them molded it really tight.  Perhaps even tighter that the other one.  I have to wear it for 3 weeks.

I can have it off up to 1 hour a day, to shower, wash my hair etc.  I pull the button on top up, and open it up.  Then push it back down when I need to close it.  It looked easy, but I have the instructions just in case it is slightly different.

I was out by 8.45, stopped off in the drive through for the first time ever, and picked up breakfast for both of us.  Even Burger King was quiet.  One before, and one after me.

I was home just after 9.15, and we really enjoyed our breakfast together.


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