We had a Zumba class today via Zoom

One of our instructors did a Zumba class from her home.  It had just started by the time I logged onto Zoom.  Paola was doing the warm up,  and I could see her, with me in a square in the corner, but no sound.

I went to my sound in settings, and put all of them on the highest possible.  I went back to the class with no sound, and was able to follow, as I recognized the steps of each dance.  People were have a quick chat between songs, so I said that I didn’t have any sound, and do the others have any.  Several ladies came on, and I still couldn’t hear.

However, one of the ladies clicked in, and we all got to finish the class watching her.  It was so much fun, because we all got to see each other, even though it didn’t go smoothly.  She is doing these on Saturdays, and Mondays.

My girlfriend and I drove separate vehicles, and met at the park, we stayed 6 feet from each other, and walked for an hour.

Can you believe, after picking up prescriptions, and getting gas, hubby and I went and played table tennis.  I am done exercising for today.




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