My wrist is more flexible now.

I wrote yesterday that the new flexible wrist cast felt as tight as the hard cast.  As the day went on it seems a little more flexible.  However it is still impossible to use my left hand for typing, as it puts too much pressure on the top of my wrist.

I am pleased to say that I can use my hand more, as my fingers are working better.

Just before bedtime I could feel how wet the inside of the cast was.  I pulled up the wheel, and pulled the cast open.  Because the wires are on the left side of my left hand it was difficult to do.  I got it off, and washed that area with cold water.  It felt good.

As soon as the inside of the cast was dry, I struggled to pull it back on with one hand.  I then had to turn the wheel with one hand, but trying to keep the cast in place.  It took me forever, but I managed it.

If the manufacturers made them on the inside of the cast, so you can see what you are doing, it would make life so much easier.

Again it was really tight, and uncomfortable, but I soon fell asleep.

This morning is has settled again, and feels comfortable.  As we are not socializing, I plan on having my shower, and washing my hair this afternoon.



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