Trying to get into this morning’s Zumba class.

Being at home, we have no sense of time.  When I checked our gym’s schedule for virtual classes, the 10.30 one had already started.  I figured I would try on my laptop, for the bigger picture.  However, the above continually came up, every time I tried.

I went back to my phone, and got it again, without any sound.  I had spent an hour or so last night, going into the app, and then settings to see if everything was set up right, and it was.  Again I did around 40 minutes of class with no sound, but all routines were ones that I know.  Thank goodness.

I did leave a message on Family Fitness page, and the reply was ‘There was a mix up on the link. It’s corrected now on the schedule page’.  I replied, and got this later one from them ‘The calendar has updated Zumba link on it now. So use that for all the classes’.

Here’s hoping it isn’t a glitch my end, and finally works correctly.


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