We can’t go out to eat so I bought English treats home.

We would go out for lunch once a week, and eat whatever we liked.  Our treat. which we so enjoyed.

Yesterday I went to Publix, the only supermarket in our area that stocks a few English items.  These are the 2 that I love, and miss.  They cost me more than lunch out, but well worth it.

McVities Digestive dark chocolate biscuits, and Branston pickle, to go with Cheddar cheese in a sandwich.

Some things are worth staying home for.



  1. Sorry Susie but this did make me laugh. We have a supermarket in Antibes called « Geoffroy’s » which sells all manner of British goodies. I get muscovado sugar, tinned jackfruit and indian spices from them.


  2. Life is just a little bit better with Branston.

    When I lived in Asia the word would go around that Branston Pickle had arrived at the small supermarket. It would be gone in seconds. No digestives, but Waitrose choc biscuits appeared occasionally. I now crave Asian foods! Pop pans crackers being one of them. 😀

    Tomato sauce is in short supply here atm. But my husband found some today. Hoorah!💙

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