#DiscoverPrompts, Day 2: Open.

I really wanted to start on Day 1, as it was Joke.  I had so much in my head, and would have had fun doing it.  However, I just run out of time.

So I am starting on Day 2.  I wanted to be open with you from the start, that I may not be able to complete each day, but I will do my best.

No longer are the doors open in Florida.  Our lives have changed, and the 4 things that we did, are now closed to us.  The beach for me, the Eagles for dancing, the gym for both of us, and to be able to go to a restaurant.  Yes, we could pick up, or have delivery, but it’s the dressing out and going out to eat, that is special

When these finally open again, we will not take them for granted.


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