Took my flexible cast off to wash my hair, and shower today.

Yesterday was the first time I felt comfortable taking off my cast, and getting it back on.  The extra small is so tight when laced up by the button on the top.  When I pull, and release the wires to their maximum, it still rubs the raised area on the top of my wrist.

This morning I got the bathroom ready, with all the tops off of the shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel.  The whole top, because I can’t hold, and squeeze through the tiny hole.

I then carefully took it off, stepped under the shower, flopped my hair forward, and lifted the bottom of the shampoo, and got a large amount on my head.  I massaged it in with my right hand.  While this was on i shaved my legs.  Then I rinsed my hair under the shower, and did the same with the conditioner.  I then shaved under my arms, pretty difficult doing the right one, and then washed my body.  Finally rinsed my hair under the shower, with my right hand.

I then called hubby, as I had to twist my towel on my head, and he needed to secure it at the back.  I carefully dried myself.  I put baby talc on my left hand, and lower arm, and carefully got the cast back on.

I feel tired just doing that.  I think 30 minutes of boxing is less tiring for me.  Another few weeks before I can do that.


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