I was the only one picking up from Dunkin’ Donuts.

No eating out, cooking every day, and starting to do a little cleaning, and sorting out, so today I felt like spoiling myself with a $2 medium latte. I went to Dunkin Donuts, and the parking lot was empty, the store was empty, and so was the drive through.

There was plexiglass between the employee, and myself, she had gloves on.  I have the app so didn’t need money, it automatically takes the money from my account.  The only thing I had to touch was the coffee cup, and I had napkins, which I wrapped around it.  So no touching whatsoever.

I brought the coffee home, washed my hands, poured it into another cup, threw their cup away, and washed my hands again.

Yes, I want a treat, but am taking the threat very seriously.


  1. My gf and I were discussing doughnuts this evening. They sounds so good. There is a place called Trejos (run by the actor, Danny Trejo) and they are the BEST, but they are so very far from us. Ug.


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