WordAds views are high too, but really low payouts.

You would think with all the extra hits we have been getting, since being at home, that the ads would be making us a little more money, not less.  However, that is far from the truth.  Some must be ‘hit and run’ clicks that you hear immediately after one another, because my numbers just don’t work out in conjunction with them.

The last 9 days most have been around 1,600 to 2,300 whereas last year they were half that.  I am still only coming out with 20 to 30 cents a day.  Thank goodness I don’t write for the money.

2020-04-05 (1)


  1. I had 71 views in a short time yesterday, mostly from Germany which put them in first place for the second time in the last several weeks.

    From what I read about other companies, ad revenue is down a lot right now across the board. Until the economy picks up substantially, I don’t see it improving as long as shelter in place is the norm for many places.

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  2. Good Lesson here for the Blogger Believing they
    Are Going to Make A Living one Day off of ‘Serial Liking’
    ‘Hit and Runs’
    They could Save
    A Lot of Minutes/Energy
    If They Knew A Thousand
    Views Brings in Pennies
    I’m always Amused by
    Someone liking 10
    Of my 30 Thousand
    Word Blog Posts
    In 10 Seconds
    Haha but Again
    No Target Audience
    For me Just the
    In Flow
    Of Writing
    With the Dance
    That Goes Along
    With A
    Song For
    Free Now😁

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