The River Walk.

We haven’t been to the River Walk for several years, due to hubby’s walking limitations.  As he had been stuck inside for 3 days, I suggested we go this morning.  There are several pull in areas.  I found a seat for hubby, far enough away from 2 guys fishing.  I couldn’t believe it when one of them walked closely passed my husband.

The walking area is approximately 6 feet wide, and I got off the walkway, and onto the grass when anyone came towards me.  They all stayed in the middle of the walkway, which I thought to be inconsiderate, and also breaking all the ‘social distances’ guidelines.

I walked it once, and took some lovely photos, that I will share on my daily walk posts, but felt that hubby could be in danger, with people not walking as far away from him as possible.

It was a lovely twenty minutes out, and I got to walk a mile.


  1. So shameful some people don’t respect the social distancing enough, but so glad y’all got out that little bit 😊 Where in Florida is the Riverwalk? Not San Antonio of course, lol! ❤️


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