The Today Show on NBC.

If you watch The Today show each morning, you will see that they are social distancing with only one person in the studio, and the others working from home, or a designated area.

A segment today was with Carson Daly, his wife, their children, and the new baby.  His usual short cut hair was a big topic of the section, as it had grown so much.  He had cut his son’s hair.

I have always cut my own hair, and hubby’s too, but for everyone that goes to the hairdressers, what are you doing?



  1. I got my hair cut in January. I am rather uncaring about hair styles and don’t have a regular shop. It is wherever we are at the time that I find a shop. But it is not very high on the list now with the virus thing! Be safe and healthy!

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  2. I’ve been cutting my own hair, Susie, for many years, starting as a young woman when I didn’t like the hairdresser’s cut… lol… Now I’ve only myself to blame!! 🙂


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