I need help please.

Somehow I have screwed up the language on WordPress on my android phone.  I have no idea how I did it, but only the above languages are coming up.  I didn’t even try to do a screenshot of it.  The language I went to is German, as I can get letters up, initially I was in one of the other ones, and got symbols.

I took the app out, and put it back in, and it still comes up in foreign languages.  I checked settings on my phone, and only English is checked off.  Before I contact WordPress, does anyone here have the answer.  I caused it, so there must be a way to reverse it.

I use my phone all the time, as it’s very hard to type on my laptop with my cast on.


  1. when you start the WordPress app on android, it brings up the main page. if you scroll down there is a settings button. If you click that then scroll down again, there is a language button. if you click on that you can select English from the list, either UK or US. I hope that helped 🙂

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