Shopping today.

I was prepared today when I went to the store.  The makeshift mask worked, and I washed it immediately I got home.  The gloves I throw away before I come into the house.

We are both safe, and I know that I am doing the best I can.

Just to let you know that I was online with a guy from WordPress, and he finally managed to give me the information I needed, after being on for quite a long time.  Very happy that I can now leave short comments, because of my wrist.


  1. I was able to get most of my shopping done yesterday. 2 stores. I did one more quick stop today at Whole Foods for some additional vegetables (Bok Choy for my husband). I think I did pretty well and should only have to get fruits and veggies next week. Still have lots of meat in freezer. I feel very fortunate that I do have surgical masks. I don’t have gloves but I have sanitizer so I use that after I leave the store and wash again at home. And sanitize car, too.

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  2. My beloved has sewn masks for everyone she can think of, including me. I can’t wait for the first time I walk into the bank with a mask on. Hmmmm. Would could possibly go wrong. They are having a problem here, with people removing their gloves when they get out of the store and throwing them in the parking lot. What is up with that? Take your own mess home folks. Stay well Susie. Allan

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