Zumba with Kim for the first time for me.

Yesterday I did the 10.30 Zumba class with Kim.  She did it from her home, which was so good of her.  I got to see many of my Zumba friends following it in their own homes.  It was a great class.

I did a lot of walking during the day, and the odd short YouTube video.  Then at 5.30 I did the Body Combat class from the gym itself.  For the first time, it all went really well.  Only to go on Facebook to find that Tara had done a Zumba class, from her own home, at the same time.  It was nice to do the Combat, but I would have much preferred working out with all my friends.

Just before I went to bed last night I checked my stats on my Health app.  I know that they are not accurate, but was amazed to see that I had burned 2,137 calories.  That is more than I eat in a day, so have upped my protein intake.


Screenshot_20200408-233024_Samsung Health (1)


  1. Nowadays zumba classes are becoming interesting ,I guess…. Many of my friends are doing zumba at home…. Good to know that you are one of them….


  2. So many wonderful things you got going, Susie! Wife & I were certified in both Zumba & Zumba gold back bout 2010; didn’t keep our certifications up after a few years but loved it! 😊 Yeah, that protein is so important! ❤️


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