I try and get hubby out twice a week.

Today was the first time ever, that he had gone through a ‘drive through’.  He said that he missed the odd occasions that we went to Burger King.  So I drove us there, picked up 2 sandwiches, a senior diet coke, decaf coffee, and drove to Sims Park.

There was plenty of parking spaces, so we parked up, and took our food, and drink over to a bench.  I came back, and got a couple of items for hubby to sit on, as they are metal seats.

Our companions were the birds, and they watched every mouthful.  I only eat the meat, and salad, so I moved away, broke up the bun, and gave them the leftovers.

The walkway in this area is twice the width of the River Walk, so I felt comfortable walking a mile, while hubby watched the boats, canoes, and people.

Unfortunately the photos are not great as it was overcast, with the odd drip of rain.  Hubby got out for an hour, and a quarter, so feels a little happier now.

The River Walk.


  1. I’m not a Burger King person…but it’s funny the things you crave when something like this isolationism comes along…MY hubby and I will no doubt utilize the common BK drive through for a Whopper Jr here sometime soon. All because of your little story!
    Take care


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