It’s Spring, it’s Easter, and the Jasmine is in blossom.

Over the last few days the Jasmine has started to blossom in my back yard.  I love to see it, and that wonderful smell, but have to take my prescribed allergy spray.  My eyes are watering constantly, but it’s worth it, just seeing that the Coronaviras/Covid-19 doesn’t stop the beauty of nature.


  1. Great pictures.

    While I’m not fond of the fragrance of the jasmine, I do love the flowers. Up here, in Georgia, the dogwoods are blooming. Love those too. We’re about done with the first wave of pollen that turned the yard green, and when it rained, the culvert in the backyard ran green.

    This is one of the nicest times of year for us; the bugs are few and while it’s quite cold at night, the days warm reaching into the low 70s. It is perfect weather for sitting on the lower deck in the sun, forgetting the winter and forgetting about summer that will come too soon. The birds are building nests, even under the upper deck, swooping over our heads and ignoring us. Blue birds have claimed a bird box in the yard. Cardinals chase one another around. The squirrels keep well away, not wanting to tangle with our dogs.

    Yes, despite everything, the Earth, G-D’s wonderful creation, abides. . .

    L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine. . .


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