What’s for dinner?

I am a home cook, and very happy to eat in 6 days a week, but now we don’t have the opportunity to be waited on for that 7th day, I am really missing it,

The treat that I took for granted is gone.

We did sit in the park last week, amd ate a burger, but didn’t enjoy it like I should have done. I was worried that hubby would touch something while eating.

I am appreciative that we have food in the house, and not going hungry, like some people are.


  1. Like you, I love cooking but it’s sometimes nice to eat out and not have to clear up afterwards. From what Macron said yesterday evening, no restuarants will reopen here before mid-July.

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  2. Yes, it’s like going back to the days of babies and no money, even then we did get out occasionally to Pizza Hut or MacDonald’s. In recent years we have been spoilt where we live now as the local high street has gone up in the world and boasts all sorts of eating and drinking places, from micro breweries to lounge bars where families and groups of all ages can gather. Now I have to think what to have for dinner Every single night!


  3. One of the first things I’m going to do when this is under control is find a restaurant just so we can walk away and leave the dishes. cheers


  4. I like cooking too, but also like to have the occasional night out just for a break. The thought of going out and having a glass of red wine, steak and fries is making me salivate!! Ohhh I shall enjoy it when it happens! Katie


  5. I hear you Susie. We always take things for granted until they are gone. I am doing my best to support some local restaurants who offer takeout or curbside pickup. Fingers crossed we can dine in a restaurant or on a patio again one day. Cheers. Allan


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