Corovaviras or flu?

My daughter and I have been emailing each other regularly, and I have been phoning England.  Last night she said that my granddaughter has a temperature, and a cough.  I checked at 5.30 this morning, as I couldn’t sleep, and been emailing this morning.

It could be either the flu, or Covid-19.  I asked if she could be tested, but the answer was, when you are so bad that you have to go into hospital, you get tested.  We don’t know how lucky we are here in the states.

Please have my granddaughter in your prayers.  Thank you.


  1. We had the drive thru but it was in Denver and the mountains. But just not enough tests. Too long of lines. I think they’ve changed things but it’s still next to impossible to get a test. My son’s friend had Covid 19 and even his parents who were exposed to him could not get tested. I don’t know why they didn’t have it in Boulder. Lots of college students who could pass it on to families

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  2. That sounds like Covid. Let’s hope she doesn’t get shortness of breath. Our local football Denver Bronco’s defensive all star Von Miller was diagnosed with it. He has asthma but his GF noticed his coughing sounded different. Because of his asthma he was able to get a test.

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  3. My daughter had it but has fully recovered so i know the strain the family goes through. I’m sure your grand daughter will be fine, may take a couple of weeks to recover fully.
    Stay safe and healthy.


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