Where’s my stimulus check?

Several of our friends got theirs yesterday, and as I keep seeing on television about how you can check on yours, I figured I had got nothing to loose.

The only thing I lost was time.  We had e-filed our 2019 return, and have our social security go into the bank, as a direct deposit.  If came up that they didn’t have a bank account on file.

I found the correct form to check.  Typed in our social security numbers, dates of birth, address, and then got our tax return.  No problems with the gross income.  Then you either had to put in the amount you owed in taxes, or the amount of your refund.  We pay taxes in England, so they go against the amount we owe here.  We paid more money in England, so we didn’t owe any.  I put zero in.  It wouldn’t accept it.  I went to the help area, and nothing helped me.

I guess it could be months before we get our checks in the mail.  Luckily I am very careful with money, and never spend what I haven’t got.  I pay our credit cards off, so we don’t need the money at this moment.  This would be really hard for someone that really needed it straight away.


  1. we won’t get any. My youngest son should get his. My oldest son is technically self employed (contractor) so he always pays taxes. He will eventually get it but it’s going to take a while.

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  2. I went to check on mine last night & the IRS said it didn’t have my bank info, even though it’s been sending me refunds via direct deposit for 10 years. 🙄 So, now I entered my stuff & supposedly money is coming. That’s our gobblement!

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  3. You should get it, it may take a bit if they had issues with your direct deposit.

    On the penalties and interest, that works both ways for taxes. They have to pay you interest if they take too long getting your tax refund to you. It’s a little bit less than the interest rate they charge you. Had enough people complain decades ago so the IRS pays you interest if they take too long getting your refund back to you. Used to work for them. The focus is normally on getting refunds processed first to avoid paying interest.

    Bit of trivia – if you owe after the due date and there’s a local IRS office nearby, take the payment in, once the shelter in place lifts. That stops the clock on interest immediately for however much you paid. If you mail it in, it stops interest on the amount paid once they receive payment.


  4. Even if you never get one, you can show that on next year’s income tax filing and receive it in your return. Your address has nothing to do with it and your neighbors, obviously you are in a different income bracket.

    On a lighter side… I live in a one-bedroom condo, but….


  5. I have been on SSI and SSD all of my life and still have not gotten a check. It’s really making me mad that my roommate who also gets SSI has gotten his check already. Why haven’t I gotten mine yet?

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