WordPress and Zumba.

My life seems to evolve around WordPress, and Zumba this past stay at home month.  I get up in the morning, do some reading on WordPress, and write a post.

Then I do an online class of Zumba.  If there isn’t a live one, I have found around 6 routines on YouTube that I love.

This continues throughout the day.  In between we have meals, I do a little cleaning, and go out if hubby wants to, or if we needs meds, or food.

Monday is getting closer, and I am praying that I will be able to do more with my wrist.  I know I still won’t be able to do deep cleaning, but just typing a post is still difficult right now.

My granddaughter has loss of appetite added to other symptoms now.


  1. Recently ICT Genealogist recommended my blog, and you responded favourably to his suggestion. I like your offbeat blog. What is Zumba? I wondered what that is. Is it a workout routine?

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  2. I started doing zumba this week for the first time. I began with a class for “seniors” I found on youtube. I could not keep up. I was wiped out. Totally, wiped out.

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