Update: Hubby is still doing Silver Sneakers on YouTube.

He has been totally amazing.  We haven’t managed every other day, but twice a week, and he does the full routine.  This has been since the beginning of the month.

Today was the 5th time.  He sits down for it, as his balance is so bad.  When we finally get back to the gym, and if they have classes (6 feet distancing) he will have no problem fitting in.

I was thinking about classes, and how packed they are.  When gyms open, I think they will have to limit class numbers, and possibly work it that everyone that wants to do a class, gets given one, or two times a week.  That way they could space them out.  Will have to post this idea on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and send out to friends via gmail.

What are your thoughts on gym classes?


  1. I think you’re right, they’re going to have to thin out the classes, open the windows and start properly cleaning the equipment! When I worked at a nursery school, I had to go on a course to learn how to clean!! I know it sounds ridiculous, but we had to know how to keep germs at bay. It’s all been about money, money, money for so long now and and fitting in as many people as possible but now it should change. Whether or not it will, time will tell. I suspect that companies will be so keen to recoup their losses that it won’t be long before they return to the old ways. Problem is that our lifestyles have all changed so much now as well. In the old days, the hospitals had set visiting times and the nurses and sisters were totally in charge of everyone, patients and visitors alike. Now, ‘rights’ have to be taken into account, so Joe Bloggs gets to have his mates come into the hospital anytime. It becomes harder for the nurses (or contractors) to keep clean and as for the hand sanitisers getting pinched … don’t even get me started! Actually, I’ve probably said enough. Suffice to say, I think this has been a wake up call for most of us. Phew … I’m exhausted. Lovely post and sorry my response was probably almost as long!

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  2. So glad your husband is doing his exercises! And yes, when the gyms do reopen, they’ll have to disinfect the machinery between each person, and probably have many less people in the classes, so they can stay six feet away from each other. That’s what’s being proposed here, anyway.


  3. It is good to know that he is still doing something. I would agree that they will have to limit the size of classes. After this pandemic I think we will all be more cautious about being in crowds. It will not be comfortable for a long time.


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