Spring cleaning.

I have been seeing a lot of Facebook, Twitter, etc., about how people have been Spring cleaning.  I have been struggling just to do what is necessary with my left wrist being out of action for over 6 weeks.

The winter blankets have just been sitting for a month now, so finally I got them into the washing machine.  I got them washed, and dried, but had to get hubby to help me fold them up, and put away until around December.

That is the 3rd thing I have managed to do, on my list of Spring cleaning.



  1. I cut my pinkie on my left hand last week. It’s very difficult to do some things now. I’m trying to keep it dry. It’s right at the top. I sort of took a big chunk of skin off. Bled a lot. If I knock it on something it hurts. I’m getting better at typing.

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