Hubby just had a fall.

I tell you what a couple of months our family has had.  We had got home, from his appointment, for the measurement of his diabetic shoes.  Eaten a jr. cheeseburger from Wendy’s drive through, and he was going to sit on the patio, while I phoned back a friend that had put my granddaughter on a prayer list.

I had just started talking to her, when hubby came humbling through the patio doors, bent in half, and saying he had fallen.  I immediately got off the phone, and saw scrapes on his legs, one bleeding.  He was laying back in the electric recliner, so have no idea about this back.

Whenever we sit outside I always check that the bottoms of the zero gravity chairs are fully open.  He obviously didn’t.  Somehow the recliner went down, and thankfully he went backwards on the grass, and not straight down on the concrete.

I will let you know after he gets up, how he is doing.  I am so thankful that he didn’t break, or fracture anything.  2 in the house just wouldn’t work.  He is now asleep.

My granddaughter still has the same Coronavirus symptoms, but my daughter said that she looks a little brighter.  So still praying at this stage.


  1. Oh no, you just can’t make it up! Your poor hubby.. really hope he’s okay when he’s back up on his feet, hopefully any cuts and scrapes are more superficial and no major damage done. Wrap yourselves both up in bubble wrap and sit still on the floor for the next few months!
    Fingers crossed too for your granddaughter 🌹
    Caz xx

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