Ab workout, air boxing, and walking

It’s lunchtime here. and I have already been air boxing on Facebook Messenger, with one of my ladies, and 2 core workouts on YouTube20200421_122036 (1).  After we have eaten, we will be going to Sims Park so that hubby can sit by the river, and I can go walking.

Tonight I have an hour of Zumba.

Yesterday even though I was out for the 2 specialist appointments, I still managed to get an hour Zumba class in the morning, and a 40 minute one late afternoon.



  1. Sparring With
    Air No Trauma
    Martial Arts Best
    For Grace Of Balance
    Peace And Harmony
    At Ease Truly
    Moving Meditation…
    i Often Use A Gym
    Towel as 240 LBS
    Becomes The Weight
    Of The Towel Brushing
    Softly Rest of All The
    Objects in Surrounding
    Environment As Soul
    Of Towel
    Us Now
    Takes Orbit
    FRiEnD Of
    No LeSSoNS…
    Requires Only 3 Feet
    Of Space… Success
    Easy to Measure
    Weight of
    Towel in Flight..:)


  2. I love how you have a body so in shape and beautifully worked out.
    I started too doing more exercising, like 2-3 hours per day and it starts to be visible. On the outside and inside as well, because I feel stronger and take less pills than I used to.


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