Free relaxing sounds in the park.

It’s a hot sunny day, so Sims Park had a lot of people, sitting down, and walking.  I found a seat for hubby that overlooked the river.  We took 2 cushions for him to sit on, and his back.  He is feeling achy today.

I walked a good 12 feet away from this gentleman, and on my return stopped to listen to the music he was making.   I asked if I could take a short video of him.  He was very happy to do so.  The only problem was, the sun was so bright that I took 2 still shots, and a 5 second video.

I walked for around 30 minutes and during that time he had played for several people, while they were videoing him.

It was a really nice outing, apart from when hubby was getting up from the seat, a lady comes up to us, to say ‘Can she sit there?’  I immediately went to the other side of the seat, and told hubby to leave via the grass, as she couldn’t wait for him to walk on the paved area.  DISTANCING – Are some people stupid.



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