Less than $5 for 2 weeks driving.

The only good thing to help with the cost of living is the price of gas.  The trouble is that we try to only go out once or twice a week, for groceries, and doctors/pharmacy visits, so no big savings there.  It is exactly a fortnight since I topped up the gas tank, and today it took 2.876 gallons, at a cost of $4.89.

20200422_150505 (1)

Amazon, and Walmart, that are doing amazing with everyone buying online, gets the added bonus of cheaper deliveries.

I am delighted for the environment with less emissions, but come on, this is the only thing that is cheaper right now.



  1. Well, to think of it, I didn’t spend so much on the car either. But it’s also the fact that we stay at home and don’t get to travel by car as we used to.

    Spent my saved money on online shopping though. :-))

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