4 years on WordPress, and my photos are going crazy.

The photo yesterday of me, with my roots colored, turned sideways, and this one of my new favorite yogurt, is upside down.

I wanted to share with you my new favorite yogurt from Aldi.  The only problem that may arise, is that they may not have it as a regular stock item.  That seems to happen when I find something I really love.

This is the Specially Indulgent Greek Honey yogurt.  I have never had a honey one, and the taste is indulgent.  This tub is 32 ounces, (2 lbs.), and the cost only $3.49.  Other 32 ounce Greek yogurts run me $5 – $6.

I opened it yesterday, and ate a bowl, and just had another one today.  I have around half left, so 4 portions for me, compared to the average 5 servings.  I just can’t get enough of that creamy thick honey flavor.

I am about to put another photo in, I wonder what will happen to this one.  This one is correct, as you can see.

20200423_162051 (1)


  1. Ooooey! Yummy perhaps with a bit of baklaveh. I use the plain stuff for baked spiced yogurt chicken. I love that they have Greek yogurts now as they never sold the single serves plain and frankly I love me some yogurt but I can’t get through a quart often.

    Congrats! 4 years.

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