WordPress likes are a better guideline than views.

I may get 1,500 views on WordPress, but so many of them may just be people wanting me to follow them.  When a spike happens with my ‘likes’, then I feel a little bit of satisfaction.  Again, maybe only 10% read my post to the end, but it feels as if I am doing something right.

I have cut down on the length of my posts, because of my left wrist, and hoping a shorter post, is better for my followers.  What do you think, 50, 100, 200 words or more?



  1. Congrats to you! I disagree a bit about the number of views being less important to the number of likes. My blog is linked to FB so family and friends also see it. I get way more likes and views from that.

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  2. SMiLes to Each Her And Or HiS Own i Write to Evolve
    My Soul Trump Wants to
    Be President to Increase
    ‘His Readership’ ‘His
    Followers’ Elected
    Him for The
    Same Dream
    To Follow Rather
    Than Lead.. Smiles
    My FRiEnD True Leader
    Ship By Very Nature
    Is Often
    A Monologue
    The Reward
    Going Places
    No one Has Been
    For A Pre-Determined
    Target Audience In
    Just Another
    Minion Movie..
    Never The Less
    Thanks For the
    i usually
    Leave a
    Empty Handed..:)

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