Amazon have 50 pk of Face Masks for delivery between April 28th & May 1st.

I will give you a laugh with the masks I have made.  There are 3 different kinds, and the last ones I made were with thin cotton dish clothes from the Dollar Tree store, and elastic shoe laces.  These fit well, and the best looking of the homemade ones.

All the time I have been looking for in stock ones on Amazon, and today I finally found them: 50 masks for $38.99 + sales tax. with deliveries in the next few days.  Also free Prime shipping.

The first one was the square scarf, folded, with elastic bands.  The second one was a sanitary pad/feminine pad, that worked well, but who wants one of those on their face.  I didn’t wear it out, and the 3rd one, as mentioned above are the ones hubby and I, are using now.


  1. I just happened to buy some plain cloth masks a year ago because of the tiny gnats we sometimes get in the summer here that can get annoying. So we started out with half a dozen reusable right off that I’d gotten for a pittance on Ebay.

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  2. Lol, too funny second photo. My son ordered me some washable face masks with pocket for filter off Etsy. They also have some without the pocket for filter. I ordered a couple myself so will have a few to use while the others are drying after washing by hand.

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