I am not political but….Is Trump doing this live Coronavirus for all the thank yous.

I put the television on to find out that the beaches in Pinellas county will be open as of Monday, and the community pools Thursday.  That is good news for the Florida economy as we are a tourism state.

President Trump was live, and I thought he would be talking about Coronavirus/covid-19, but it was people that owned small businesses thanking him for their loans.

With it being an election year, do you think that he wanted all this praise, so that everyone would think what a great President he is.

I can’t vote, so it makes no difference to me.  Just wondering how Americans feel about it.



  1. Timely post. Quite frankly, I can not watch these any more. I think everyone should take a look at how other nations are conducting their Covid 19 briefings to get a feel for how they should go. Look at New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Ireland. This is supposed to be about helping and reassuring people, not about patting yourself on the back. stay well Susie

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  2. I do vote and I think that he is trying to show the American people that he is being the leader he is supposed to be and that there is light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

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  3. He’s been attacked so hard by the media and lied about constantly. I don’t blame him for using the opportunity to tell the American people what the media will not report.

    Is he inarticulate at times? Yes.

    Is he ten million times better than Joe Biden?

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  4. I am Canadian and it would be best if I did not add my opinion here other than to say he is not very popular in Canada. But then he does not like us very much either so nothing lost there.

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  5. He’s held very long press conferences daily where liberal media attack him constantly saying and implying people are dying because he’s incompetent. Yet he keeps holding them. Finding one where he’s allowing people to come in to thank him for help he gave, to show that yes, some things are being done right, is totally acceptable to me. And definitely the exception to the rule.

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  6. I never usually comment, but I am so grateful for living in Ireland, where the politicians listen to the scientists and leave their egos outside……as for Pence going to the Mayo Clinic and refusing to wear a mask 😵

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  7. I won’t muddy your page with my detailed opinion…but I will say that I can not understand how a man of such dubious character could be walking free, much less garnering support and applause.


  8. I don’t usually comment on politics because it’s such a heated topic and I am not in the US. So I will just look at how things are being handled in my country and am glad that all levels of the government in my area, for the most part, are working together and listening to health officials. Even if it’s not popular. This could change in a heartbeat but right now it is working as best as it can in such a difficult situation.


  9. I’m not a highly political person, but if I may add my two cents, I’d say Trump is ok with trying to take credit for something that goes right because they impeached him, which seemed like the Dems were out to get him just because they lost. Now, it would be so ironic if he won the next election and had a second term. Also the ones who impeached him,(, he didn’t go off the job,) those people should get voted out. It could happen! I’d laugh even though I’m not a big fan of Trump, I don’t hate him. All politicians have something in common and I don’t like any of them, really, a need for power.

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  10. The president has failed to act timely or with leadership in attacking the Covid pandemic. as usual he is trying to divert blame and put out false information for the citizens of America and pat himself on the back for things he has not accomplished throughout what is called the pandemic briefing but is really just an opportunity for him to campaign while people die. For the person who says the media is at fault for “needling” him, if he would stop lying that would not be necessary.

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